Top Five Crazy Outfits


The world of fashion is never sane, so it is no wonder that millions of people follow the latest trends and happenings in the fashion industry around the globe. Some outfits may look funky, some weird , sassy and so on! The list can’t be jailed to just a few.

Craziness exists everywhere in you, fashion and in life. To find out about the craziest trends, We’ve put together a list of 5 crazy outfits that will make you go gaga!

#1 – Spikes    bonaccorso-spiked-corset-full-metal-heavy-studded-4

Spikes was introduced by the high flying celebrities like Rihanna, Katy Perry and the ever crazy dressing Lady gaga. These are mostly created in such a fashion that people around you might feel like touching them or stare at you with amazement. They project power and danger to those who wishes to touch them, or you!

 #2 – Skinny Bodysuits

Skinny bodysuits are everywhere these days from the stairs of a pool to the videos of top notch songs. The beautiful thing about this garment is that it gives your surrounding and exact idea about your shape and body curves! You’ve got to be pretty self confident to wear something like this .This is one trend that will withstand the changes of time.

#3 – Panties Free

Going panties free top on the list of top celebrities these days. Celebrities like Gaga hasn’t worn pants since the 90’s. Rihanna is no exception. The only two reasons we can think about for going without panties is that A. You wouldn’t want the seems to show when wearing the above bodysuit and B. who doesn’t like a breeze of fresh air from time to time 😉 .

 Exore2#4 – Latex Clothes

Sleek, Shiny and super sexy rubber fabric that when worn releases all the deepest desires that were hidden inside you! There is no doubt that something happens to you when you are wearing latex, Suddenly you feel like a super hero in your own life movie production. Its hot and sweaty but ask those who knows and they will give it one word: “addictive”

#5 – Gladiator Fashion

FORSETI Black Armor Gothic Steampunk Steel Boned Corset With Shoulder Bolero (1)

Warrior princess Zina, Gladiator Maximus Decimus ” What we do in life echoes in eternity” are the true inspiration to this line of fashion. What to feel closer to nature and connect with your animal instincts then you have to get inside one of these gladiator style garments and your journey will start there.

Here we come at the end of our list! Fashion is like time, it changes every second even though you won’t notice, so following up with little changes every month will separate you from the rest but if you are more of a relaxed fashionista the buying “always in fashion” garments will do the job.


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